VJT adventures - Jeep tours - 4 Days Hochiminh Trail, DMZ and Caves

4 Days Hochiminh Trail, DMZ and Caves

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This tour offers the best part of Hochiminh Trail which starts from Danang or Hoian, covering the beautiful route and visiting the historical relics relating to Vietnam War at former DMZ.

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
      caving, hiking, revisiting the former battlefields, sightseeing
    • Activity Level Pick-up car
    • Group Size Large Group
    All about the 4 Days Hochiminh Trail, DMZ and Caves.

    Itinerary at glance

    Day 1: Danang/Hoian – Truong Son Range – A Luoi Town
    Day 2: A Luoi – Khe Sanh
    Day 3: West Truong Son Route – Paradise Cave
    Day 4: Vinh Moc Tunnels (DMZ) – Hue


    Types of road: highway, paved mountain roads, paved coastal roads, rural back- roads
    Vehicle types: pick-up car
    No of passenger per car: 01 – 03
    No of vehicles: 01 – 10

    Accommodation: Hotels, farm stay: western breakfasts

    Meals: local foods (fish, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables…..)
    Activities: hiking, caving, sightseeing, revisiting the former battlefields
    Group size: 01 – 30
    Duration of trips: 04 days
    Guides: 01 – 02 guides/group

    Self-driving requirements:

    Minimum driving age: 22
    IDP (International Driving Pass)
    No of passenger per Jeep: 02 – 03
    Automatic or manual: manual
    Driving distances: 850km

    1. Day 1 Danang/Hoian – Truong Son Range – A Luoi Town (L/D)

      From your hotel in Danang or Hoian, you will get driven to the mountainous area of Quang Nam Province, where you will start travelling along the Truong Son Range on the legendary route: Hochiminh Trail.

      The stops on the way will offer you the beautiful scenery and the chances to visit the hill tribe villages and the largest minority group inhabiting in the region named Ka Tu (Vietnamese called Co Tu). The Ka Tu believes in and worships  in Giang (Genie). The houses are shaped in the form of an ellipse. In the middle of the village is the Guol (Communal House), a large and beautiful building used as receptionist area for guests or meetings, religious rituals and cultural performances. Patriarchy prevails among the Co Tu as the children take the family name of their fathers and inheritance is reserved only for sons. Marriage dowry is also a common practice.

      Stay: Guesthouse

    2. Day 2 A Luoi – Khe Sanh (B/L)

      A Luoi Town (where you stay overnight) belongs to A Luoi District. During Vietnam War, many areas and mountains in the A Luoi Region became historical in the mid-late 1960s, such the Battle of A Shau, the 5th Special Forces Camp that was overrun in 1966, as well as the 4,878-foot Dong Re Lao Mountain best known as the ”Signal Hill” that was seized by 1st Cavalry Division LRRP / Rangers in 1968 during Operation Delaware. Also, A Bia Mountain, known as the Hamburger Hill which was unable to dislodge the 1200 NVA troops lodged in concrete bunkers on top of Ap Bia, the Americans built a road from Hue to the to the valley and tried again, with five battalions and much air support.  The NVA somehow managed to fight their way out and cross the nearby border into Laos.

      Today, you keep driving on Hochiminh Trail and heading to Khe Sanh. In 1966, Khe Sanh was established as a forward base by General Westmoreland near Laos to secure Highway 9.  Troop build-ups escalated, and on January 21, 1968, the NVA, in order to divert US attention from the future Tet Offensive, launched a full scale attack on the base. Three months later, after NVA losses estimated at 10,000 men, and US losses of about 500 men, the NVA quietly withdrew.  Three months after that, the Americans also withdrew, leaving what has been described as a “lunar landscape behind.  Even today, the vegetation in this area is sparser than in many other war zones.

      In Khe Sanh, you will visit Ta Con Airbase. It was an airfield near the border with Laos. The museum here is small, but it displays many rare photos, dioramas, and artifacts from combatants on both sides of the war.

      Stay: Hotel

    3. Day 3 West Truong Son Route – Paradise Cave (B/L/D)

      Today, you will drive hundreds of kilometer without seeing anyone but mountain and forest. This is considered as the less traffic road in Vietnam. A picnic lunch set up by the road side in the middle of the national park could be memorable.

      In the afternoon, you will visit one of the most beautiful caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park: Paradise Cave. Discovered by a local man in 2005, Paradise Cave is in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cave was later explored by the British Cave Research Association and found to be 31 km in length. Your visit to some of the accessible areas of this cave which gives you a taste of the wonders laying in the depth.

      Stay: farmstay

    4. Day 4 Vinh Moc Tunnels (DMZ) – Hue (B/L)

      Following breakfast, you will head to the coast of Quang Tri to visit Vinh Moc Tunnels. The Vinh Moc tunnels were constructed by residents of Vinh Moc and served as an underground village during the Vietnam War. The underground network consists of three levels and served all the community’s needs, with a school, hospital, etc.

      On the way, you also visit a famous site is Hien Luong Bridge. Hien Luong Bridge crosses the Ben Hai River at the middle of the DMZ, marking the former border between North and South Vietnam.  From 1954 to 1972, when the North Vietnamese Army pushed the border farther south, the bridge was painted with the two different colors. While peaceful and bucolic today, this historical sight is, for many, profoundly evocative. A simple monument stands on the north side of the bridge. Lunch will be served at a Cua Tung beach restaurant with fresh seafood if you prefer

      Continuing in the afternoon, you will not follow the busy Highway 1A but small roads running through the small towns and villages which offers you more scenes of local lives to see. Heading to Tam Giang Lagoon and arrive Hue in the late afternoon. Check in hotel, tour ends

      Stay: Hotel

    Hotels, farmstay: western breakfasts

    Meals: local foods (fish, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables…..)

    Farmstay, Phong Nha
    Guesthouse, A Luoi
    Hotel in Hue

    Room in A Luoi
    Room in Hue
    Room in Khe Sanh
    Room in Phong Nha